Daventry Tigers 

Daventry's lawn bowling club.

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The Daventry Tigers Bowling Club

Daventry Tigers Bowls Club evolved from the closure of the Daventry British Timken Bowls Club when the company closed the local plant in 1997. A group of employees petitioned the company to retain the bowls club and were successful, the company agreed to this and added an area to be designated a sports ground.

The name Daventry Tigers sprang from the sports club logo which was a Tiger and so the new club was formed, the club held together through 6 years of upheaval whilst the old factory was pulled down and a new housing estate built in its place. In 2002 they were joined by the Drayton Grange Football Club and formed the Mayfield Park Sports Club which now manages the site.

A new clubhouse was built to replace the old one that occupied a site for 10 houses and now forms the centre piece of an excellent new sports complex. Although it is still a small club, it is renown for it friendly attitude excellent green and facilities.



Club Committee Members


Malcolm Foster


Margaret Daynes

Club Captain

Malcolm Foster


Cheryl Haynes

Fixture Secretary

Chris Haynes

Committee Members

Geoff Nixon

Angelina Johnstone

Mick Isom

Phil Daynes

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